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 What I see? How do I solve it?

You will be taken in a simple, practical and didactic way to everything you need to know about class II, step by step, from a clinical-biomechanical diagnostic point of view; having as a reference esthetic aspects as a fundamental pillar for all treatment with passive self-ligation Pitts21.

CHAPTER 1 “The legacy and the method”

Necessary introduction and the important link with the book Pitts21 "Our method”

CHAPTER 2 "Components of aesthetics that will lead us towards the treatment plan"

Diagnosis from the aesthetic point of view and the class II MACROSETHETIC factors to be taken into account.

CHAPTER 3 “How do age and biotype affect class II treatments?

Differential clinical diagnosis and how this influences the approach of class II treatments both in adult patients and in growing patients.

CHAPTER 4 "Groups and their Biomechanics”

How it simplifies in our treatment to make mental maps to place the patient in a certain class II group, to then apply the most appropriate biomechanics to the case.

CHAPTER 5 “Time challenge"

The beginning of the path of the groups and their biomechanical application.

CHAPTER 6 “Divide and conquer”

From phase I to phase II of the treatments.

CHAPTER 7 "The transition"

A Biomechanical path based on the requirements of both time and aesthetics.

CHAPTER 8 "The great dilemma”

Proposals for mandibular advancement, its variants and its management, research applied to the clinic.

CHAPTER 9 "Wind in favor"

A Diagnostic and Biomechanical path for an appropriate aesthetic resolution.

CHAPTER 10 “Repetition and the Marathon”

Diagnostic and biomechanical aspects to consider for the resolution of a class II that is added to the complexity of retained canines.

CHAPTER 11 “The vertical class II”

This chapter deals with the vertical class II from the diagnostic and biomechanical point of view, making an analysis between extraction YES-extraction NO; How? When? and Why?.

CHAPTER 12 “The WOW smile”

Vertical Class II a diagnostic and biomechanical path to solve the main aesthetic and functional requirements.

CHAPTER 13 “The method, the change and my opinion”

Diagnostic and biomechanical paths are addressed in combination with what we call Hybrid Orthodontics (Passive Self-ligating Pitts21 with aligners).

About the Author

Dr. Alfredo Nappa Aldabalde

– Doctor en Odontología
(Universdad de la República de Uruguay)

Especialista en Ortodoncia y Ortopedia Funcional de los Maxilares
(Universdad de la República de Uruguay)

– Ex Presidente de la Seccional Ortodoncia de la AOU
(Asociación Odontológica Uruguaya)

– Ex Presidente para Uruguay de la AIO
(Asociación Iberoamericana de Ortodoncia)

– Autor de diversos artículos en revistas de la espcialidad

– Autor de 4 libros sobre Sistema de Autoligados Pasivos

– Autor del libro
Pitts21 “Nuestro Método”
Tiempo y Espacio en los tratamientos de Autoligado Pasivo

 – Autor del libro
“Estética y Clase II en Autoligado Pasivo Pitts21”

– KOL (Key Opinion Leader) y Speaker Internacional en Filosofía de Autoligado Pasivo Pitts21

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